Expanded Roster | Expanded Roster: Launching 09.01.18
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Expanded Roster: Launching 09.01.18

Expanded Roster: Launching 09.01.18

It all started with a tweet. One day, I said I was frustrated with the fact that there wasn’t any sports media that felt like it represented me. I posited that there should be a place where a more diverse group of people could tell unique stories with a sharp, irreverent sense of humor. A few months, one Kickstarter, and a whole lot of retweets later, Expanded Roster was born.

But what is Expanded Roster?

We’re satire and sabermetrics. Bat flips and BABIP. We’ll break down somebody’s new swing and their girlfriend’s latest beauty post on Instagram. We have a more modern, offbeat vision for what a sports website can be. On our homepage, we want you to be able to find a 1,500-word op-ed on the current state of the MLBPA side-by-side with a primer on sensual baseball. It’s perfectly fine to want some high-quality GIFs alongside your high-quality journalism.

We don’t believe anything exists in a vacuum, and we’re starting the conversation on how sports are going to grow and stay relevant in a more diverse and progressive landscape. We’re building an online space for complex, honest discussion without the vicious toxicity. We also have very strong feelings on high socks.

We promised to announce our official launch date tonight, but we think you already know what it is.


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